Suicide Prevention

Saving Lives is a programme for suicide prevention and management   



CDARS has 30 years of experience with high-needs clients faced with mental health issues, substance misuse, domestic violence, poverty and much else.

We help over 1200 people each year by providing a number of services designed to support vulnerable people with complex needs, including people with drug and alcohol misuse, mental health, veterans and perpetrators of domestic violence. The Saving Lives programme is based at and delivered from our Sunshine Recovery Café in Kingston Road, Wimbeldon Chase.  A Crisis Recovery Café that we run, designed to respond to crisis episodes of residents of the Boroughs of Merton, Wandsworth, Sutton, Richmond and Kingston affected by mental health issues.


What we aim to achieve

This aim of the Saving Lives programme is to support residents in the five London Boroughs of Richmond, Kingston, Sutton, Merton and Wandsworth who are at risk of suicide or suicide ideation. The Programme also aims to reduce numbers of suicide attempts among people with mental health problems from these Boroughs.


This programme provides a holistic suicide prevention service for service users who have severe and enduring mental health issues or a common mental disorder such as stress, anxiety or depression. The programme helps service users identified as being at risk to reduce their feelings of suicide

ideation and propensity to plan and commit do this by providing a mixture of immediate short-term crisis help, medium and long-term support.


What We Offer

An innovative programme provided in a three-stage process delivered by Suicide Prevention Specialist Counsellors and volunteers. Support includes crisis intervention, bespoke treatment plans, one-to-one counselling, groups, phone call check-ins, suicide prevention


Who Can Access The Programme?

  • clients who wish to access the programme should fit the following criteria:
  • lives in Merton, Sutton, Wandsworth, Kingston or Richmond
  • aged 16 years and above
  • experiences suicidal thoughts, feelings, and/or suicidal ideation


The Three Stages


Clients are initially assessed to identify their risk of suicide. Once an assessment has been completed, the Team creates a bespoke treatment package for each individual which may include Crisis intervention and One-to-one counselling. Sessions can include:

therapeutic tools and techniques needed to manage their suicide ideation
frequency suited to each individual situation
access to weekly support groups
access to workshops which include thematic discussions
peer support
talks by other healthcare professionals
phone call check-ins from a member of the Team
links to other local crisis services



Clients who have coped with immediate crisis now move on to longer term support designed to prevent a relapse back into suicide ideation. Activities can include:

continued one-to-one counselling (regularity subject to an individual’s progress)

weekly relapse prevention group
ongoing peer support
optional phone call check-ins and online support
ongoing links with other services depending on a client’s needs. This may include access to employment training, housing services, faith and social groups, volunteering opportunities, and improved welfare benefits
crisis intervention and services available as and when needed



At this stage clients have greatly progressed and the likelihood of suicide, in many cases, is greatly reduced. Ongoing support is still available to ensure a sustained low risk of suicide. We can provide ongoing low-level support including:

ongoing mentoring support
one-to-one counselling should clients still need this
support from volunteers and counsellors on a wider range of issues such as finding employment and gaining training
continued access to support groups
crisis intervention services should the client need this


How To Access The Programme

We maintain a very simple referrals process, any professional can contact CDARS for a referral and anyone who feels at risk can call the service directly.

Speak to/leave a message for one of our Suicide Prevention Specialist Counsellors: Lucinda (Wed-Fri) 07398 590706

Anna (Thurs) 07944 506066

All other hours: 0203 872 8217



The programme has been funded for three years by Henry Smith Charity.

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