Substances and Alcohol Misuse

The Wandsworth Day Programme for Alcohol and Substance Misuse, commissioned by Public Health London Borough of Wandsworth, in partnership with South West London and St George’s Trust (SWLSGT).


Ethos of the Service

The Wandsworth Day Programme for Substance and Alcohol Misuse funded by Wandsworth Public Health and delivered in partnership with South West London and St George's Trust (SWLSTG).

The Day Programme has seen a restructure of the service into a more innovative service with strong links within the local community, local organisations, local businesses and local residents.


The Ethos of the Wandsworth Day Programme can be summarised as:

  • Strongly Recovery Based.
  • Strongly linked to and making more use of existent community assets (such as existent: ETE, housing, debt advice, sexual health, etc.) that meet service users holistic needs.
  • Tap into and utilizing significantly  more service user's inner and external strengths and opportunities, by helping them to get in touch and foster these to the full.


What We offer

The Service aims to:

  • Proactively involve the local community and utilise Community Assets
  • Develop a Therapeutic Community
  • Operate a Recovery Approach, based on drawing on and utilise to the full the inner resources of the services user
  • Provide high quality and flexible psychosocial services

The day programme is split into the services for the non-abstinent groups of service users and the services for the abstinent group of service users.

Services are delivered at two different stages of treatment:


Stage 1

At Stage 1, usually service users are still using substances and or alcohol.  They do receive holistic support to achieve abstinence and sobriety from the substance they misuse. At this stage, we offer the following services:

  • A comprehensive assessment to understand the complex psychosocial needs of our client, which enables us and the client to draw a care plan with tailored objectives;
  • Information and advice around drug and/or alcohol misuse and any other subjects relevant to the client;
  • One to one and group counselling sessions, and key-working support;
  • A structured Day Programme providing an intensive 12 weeks support package, with group work and other interventions;
  • Outreach work to support the most marginalised clients;
  • Emotional and practical support to families and carers;


Stage 2

At Stage 2, service users are abstinent.  We do offer an aftercare support package, which  helps service users to re-integrate in the local community through:

  • A comprehensive aftercare service and relapse prevention service. As part of aftercare, we offer a range of activities to improve health and wellbeing, including healthy nutrition; maintaining sobriety groups; yoga classes; mindfulness; understanding 12 steps.
  • Life skills educational workshops tailored to support clients to get into employment, training and/or education;
  • Support with budgeting and money management, and housing/ independent living;
  • Support to help the client build positive social networks, and around parenting;
  • General health services, including health promotion and support with disabilities;
  • Counselling and keywork;
  • Outreach services;
  • A variety of social activities.


Who can access the programme

The programme can be accessed by any residents of the Borough of Wandsworth, aged 16 years old and over, with a substance or alcohol misuse problem.


How can the programme be accessed

We maintain a very simple referrals process. While any professional can contact CDARS for a referral, anyone who feels at risk can call the service via:

Email at:


Commissioned by Wandsworth Public Health

Delivered in Partnership with SWLSTG