J's Story

‘Helen has been very approachable and helpful in ‘settling’ me into the Stage 2 services, by welcoming me and introducing me to my fellow group members.  Initially, I was very nervous, perhaps even a little apprehensive not knowing what this would entail.  However, the insight Helen has given me to understand myself is invaluable.  I am able to assess and adjust to circumstances around me which previously may have pulled me down, This is all down to the sessions with the group and being able to openly discuss issues and find solutions which previously I had not considered.

I am eternally grateful for the Stage 2 services and in particular Helen who through her guidance has helped me achieve and maintain sobriety and has turned my life around. My daughter now regularly confides in me for guidance and my wife no longer worries as to what horrors lie upon her return from work. I endeavour to continue this indefinitely and now as a recovery champion I am only too happy to assist and help in any way others in the group and help promote the services which have helped my family and me so very much. I am not a young man but the services have made it possible for me to live what is left of my life with dignity control and respect.’


H. about CDARS: 'You have been a life saver for me just to know that the doors have been and are always open even after I completed my treatment'.


C.: 'I cannot imagine how I could have got myself to some kind of normality without the service I received by CDARS.'