Date: 07/04/2020

Dear Sir/Madam


Appeal Letter - Hardship Fund for the Covid19 Emergency

I am writing as the CEO of Community Drug and Alcohol Recovery Services (CDARS), and I do hope that you are coping well through this difficult time that we are all going through due to the Covid-19 Emergency.

We are a charity and we support highly vulnerable people with complex needs in the Boroughs of: Merton, Wandsworth, Richmond, Kingston and Sutton.

We support every year on average 1200 people suffering with a variety of mental health problems; substance and alcohol issues; veterans; as well as their families.

These presenting problems often are only the "tip of the iceberg" covering other issues, like: physical health conditions, poverty, malnutrition and social isolation.

Therefore this group is particularly vulnerable at catching the Covid-19 virus and more likely to suffer harsher health consequences, including death.

At CDARS, we already offer a range of emotional support in different ways: telephone and video calls, video support groups, etc.

However, we see that there is an urgent need to offer a more practical support. Therefore we have created a new extra service of outreach to offer during the emergency,

which includes buying and delivering essential basic foods to their homes.


This means that:

Vulnerable people do not have to go out to shop, often by public transport and risk catching the virus.
They can have a healthy meal during the day (The shopping list has been designed by a professional Nutritionist) and supplemented by complex vitamins, zinc, antibacterial wet wipes and a bar of soap.
Many of our service users do not have a fridge, a cooker, or a microwave for example, therefore we also plan to buy some basic kitchen equipment when these are needed and as funding becomes available.

In order to make the project sustainable during the emergency crisis, we have thought to involve the local community and businesses. So we have compiled this letter of appeal in order to ask for donations that will support this particular service.

The service is provided by a team of staff and volunteers and we need to cover expenses including:

  1. Foods, vitamins, antibacterial wet wipes, toilet rolls, etc.
  2. Kitchen basic equipment and utensils
  3. Travel expenses
  4. Safety equipment, such as face masks and surgical gloves

The demand for the service is already very high; during the first week we have had already approximately 40 service users who have requested the support. We are therefore actively looking for donations so we can help more vulnerable people access basic items:

  • £30.00 will cover one week of supplier for one service user
  • £120.00 will cover 4 weeks of supplier
  • £360.00 will cover 12 weeks of supplier

We will collect all data, including number of clients supported, how often, and how many bags delivered and service users’ feedback, in order to evaluate the qualitative outcomes of the project.

We will therefore be able to provide you with regular reports on the progress of the project.

Any donation that you could give to participate and support this service would be highly appreciated by all our service users.


You can donate by:

BACS at our bank account: CAF Bank Online

Name: Community Drug and Alcohol Recovery Services

Sort code: 405240;  Account Number: 00003216


Cheques payable to: Community Drug and Alcohol Recovery Services

Address: 296a, Kingston Road, Wimbledon Chase, London SW20 8LX


Paypal at:


Best Wishes

Franco Toma