Client Poems

Thursday 24 September 2020


I met some amazing special people yesterday, they totally got me in every way,

It really is a special group and on WhatsApp they always keep you in the loop,

And they always help you when you're down to turn that frown upside down, and keep going when you’re low don’t give up have another go, Encouraging you everyday to keep strong and stay connected because in this group we are all protected,

Hells Belles I think they call themselves, Everyone a beautiful soul helping you not to lose control,

Each one has their story to tell and they’ve all been through their private hell,

The Lockdown lovelies, the musketeers, with them beside you there are no fears

All for one and one for all,

We help each other when we fall,

I’m so blessed to be in this group, because I really would be in the soup,

So stay safe and keep strong, with Hell Belles you can’t go wrong,

Love Litany