You can choose to donate to CDARS to contribute towards our general services or the David Bickerton Memorial Fund. Your kind donation will go a long way in supporting people as they work hard to achieve their recovery and improve their quality of life. 

How will your donation help?

Your donation is most appreciated- thank you. It will enable us to pay for a range of holistic services that make a huge difference in the lives of people experiencing mental health issues, substance misuse and other issues. Your financial support may contribute towards the cost of a one-to-one counselling session or a Dance Movement Therapy session, or many other services. Or it may pay for a meal freshly prepared within our Community Kitchen, thus providing a lifeline for people who face the direct impact of the cost-of-living crisis. 


CDARS works with some 1200 people who experience mental health issues, substance and alcohol misuse issues as well as other complex needs such as being neurodivergent. We provide a range of holistic services that aim to improve our clients’ health and wellbeing and connection to their community so they can lead more fulfilling lives.


David Bickerton Memorial Fund

The David Bickerton Memorial Fund was created by Dorothea Bickerton, CDARS' founder, in memory of her son David to provide emergency supplies, such as basic kitchen equipments, for our most under-sourced families.


You Are Not Alone
How a mother’s fight to save her son launched a pioneering substance addiction support group
by Dorothea Bickerton