CDARS Community Kitchen Service has become an integral service for our local community, providing meals for those struggling with food poverty, cooking and shopping classes, and volunteer opportunities for clients facing employment barriers and lacking work experience.

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Offer volunteer opportunities

Offer volunteer opportunities

Provide meal services for clients

Provide meal services for clients

Run cooking and food shopping classes

Run cooking and food shopping classes

What we offer

The Community Kitchen initiative was part of CDARS’ rapid response to support our most vulnerable clients who were isolated at home with little or no support during lockdown, providing grocery boxes and healthy meals to help them through the crisis. 

The Community Kitchen has had such a positive impact on our clients in the local community, that it was decided we make it into a permanent service, and now we serve over 300 clients a year.

The Community Kitchen is currently based at St Mungo’s Wellbeing Centre in Wandsworth (to whom CDARS is immensely grateful). The kitchen team collaborates with St Mungo’s “Putting Down Roots” project, which teaches vulnerable people how to plant and grow vegetables, and links with CDARS’s allotment service.

What we aim to achieve

CDARS wants the Community Kitchen Service to provide the following:

  • Provide meal services for clients in the local community struggling to feed themselves due to poverty.
  • Run cooking and food shopping classes for marginalized individuals experiencing food insecurity and social isolation.
  • Offer volunteer opportunities to our clients who face employment barriers, providing them with vital skills and work experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who has access to the Community Kitchen Service?

The programme is for residents of the Boroughs of Merton, Sutton, Wandsworth, Kingston, and Richmond, aged 16 years or over, struggling to feed themselves due to poverty.

How can the programme be accessed?

If you wish to know more, get involved or donate, please contact CDARS at info@cdars.org.uk or telephone at 020 84171960