Substance Misuse Services

Our service delivery consists of two stages:

Stage 1

At Stage 1, our clients receive holistic support to achieve abstinence and sobriety from the substance they misuse. At this stage, we offer the following services:

  • A comprehensive assessment to understand the complex psychosocial needs of our client, which enables us and the client to draw a care plan with tailored objectives;
  • Information and advice around drug and/or alcohol misuse and any other subjects relevant to the client;
  • One to one and group counselling sessions, and keyworking support;
  • A structured Day Programme providing an intensive 12 weeks support package, with group work and other interventions;
  • Drug Interventions Programme services;
  • Outreach work to support the most marginalised clients;
  • Emotional and practical support to families and carers;
  • Needle exchange with harm reduction advice and information


Stage 2

At Stage 2, our aftercare support package helps clients re-integrate in the local community through:

  • A comprehensive aftercare service and relapse prevention service. As part of aftercare, we offer a range of activities to improve health and wellbeing, including healthy nutrition; maintaining sobriety groups; yoga classes; mindfulness; understanding 12 steps.
  • Life skills educational workshops tailored to support clients to get into employment, training and / or education;
  • Support with budgeting and money management, and housing/ independent living;
  • Support to help the client build positive social networks, and around parenting;
  • General health services, including health promotion and support with disabilities;
  • Counselling and keywork;
  • Outreach services;
  • A variety of social activities.

At the community level we also offer information and workshops to promote a better understanding of drug addiction, for instance in schools; and consultancy services and training to various other organisations and professionals (eg. the Department of Social Work and Metropolitan Police Department).

We also deliver a range of additional activities. In Merton and Wandsworth we run the Health and Wellbeing Programme, funded by Big Lottery Fund, which is for clients who have reached abstinence and delivers a range of health and wellbeing activities. Click here for a full programme:

Wandsworth: click here to download and here   

Sutton:  Click here to download and here 

Smoking cessation service: click here to download

Controlled drinking group: click here to download