What we offer

CDARS aims to relieve the suffering caused by drug and alcohol misuse in Merton, Wandsworth and Sutton through specialist complex psychosocial non-residential treatment. Every year, we reach about 1,200 substance misusers. In addition, we offer comprehensive support to around 400 families and significant others of substance misusers.

Our support package to substance misusers is person-centred, so each client receives individualised help and guidance. We work with them on all aspects of their lives so that our multidimensional approach has a long-term impact on their health and wellbeing, and supports their successful reintegration in the local community. We help our clients develop their skills; help them find a job; build a social network; help them with housing issues; help them improve their mental health and wellbeing. 

Recently we expanded the remit of our work and began the implementation of a challenge and change programme working with male perpetrators of domestic violence and abuse in Sutton. This pilot had successful outcomes and CDARS has now received funding to replicate this programme in Merton. This will take place in January 2017.

CDARS have been commissioned to deliver a recovery café for people experiencing mental health crisis. The aim of the café will be to be a first point of call for people in crisis, offering a range of activities to support their recovery. The café will offer a positive alternative to A&E services. The Sunshine café will open in Merton in April 2017.