Music Choir for Ex-Military Veterans and Civilians

CDARS has received funding from the Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust to deliver a music choir for ex-military veterans and civilians.

The sessions are run from the Sunshine Recovery Cafe based in Wimbledon Chase. The choir is designed and managed by a Music Therapist to allow participants who are new to music to acquire skills, these include:


- Developing awareness of physical regulation including breathing and encouraging relaxation techniques to focus on the singing work

- Developing posture and stamina. Singing is a physical exercise which encourages an engaged and dynamic attitude. 

These skills are encouraged and developed throughout the session but are most closely worked on in warm up and warm down. 


- Developing social skills. Choir music happens in a social setting. Choir members acquire new skills in partnership working, recognising individual contribution to a group exercise, leadership and team working. 

- Developing a resilience about presentation and performance.  

This is a performing choir and the choir works on preparing for performance and managing the challenges this presents in every rehearsal. 


- Developing an ability to read music 

- Developing a literacy about musical terminology and presentation. 

There is no expectation of musical ability needed to join this choir. However, participants get the chance to develop their musical skills.